Joey Bechard

Computer Science Engineer

About Me

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Software Development

I currently work as an IT Software Engineer. I work on a large-scale distributed project built on the Spring framework in Java.

My preferred languages include Java, Python, and C- but I've also done work in MIPS assembly, Kotlin, and JavaScript.


Living & Breathing Tech

On my own time, I am super passionate about finding new cool ways to use technology, as well as playing around with retro tech. I enjoy experimenting with system administration, and I'm constantly spinning up a new container or VM on my Proxmox virtualization server. My latest projects include setting up a ZoneMinder server to run security cameras at my house, and a VPN server to let me remotely connect while I'm at university.

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Instruction & Mentorship

I've also had the opportunity to be TA for the University of Connecticut for their Computer Architecture and Computer Network courses, which has been a great experience (and my first time formally instructing for college level material). In the past, I've also worked with youth to provide instruction and training to increase proficiency in 21st century skills through a STEM education company, CPEP.

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Rapid Prototyping & CAD

My dad is a Technology Education teacher, so I've had the opportunity to work with rapid prototyping technology like 3D printers and CNC machines for many years. I have experience in engineering design and modeling processes and do most of my modeling in Autodesk software. I spent a lot of time using Inventor and am trying to transition to Fusion 360 (due to more affordable licensing). We've made some cool projects, like laser cut educational kits that were produced at a fairly large scale. My dad recently got a big CNC Router, which has been exciting to come up with projects for.

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I enjoy taking pictures as a hobby and while I definitely wouldn't call myself a photographer or even say I'm very good, I really enjoy both the tech side and the art side of taking photos. I'm mostly interested in taking portraitsI I enjoy using Capture One and Affinity Photo to edit my photos. I am a Fujifilm fan, and I think their mirrorless cameras and lenses are excellent. Currently, I use an X-T2 and X-E1. During these COVID times, I have not done much photography, but I hope to pick it back up soon. I am currently working on my lighting and composition skills. Some images I've taken are in the Gallery in the navbar.